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Autumn Bleeds into Winter

Autumn Bleeds into Winter

Written by:
Jeff Strand
Narrated by:
Joe Hempel
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2020
5 hours 41 minutes
Somebody has been abducting children in Fairbanks, Alaska. One of the victims was fourteen-year-old Curtis Black's best friend Todd. Curtis saw it happen. He knows exactly who did it. But he can't prove that it was his neighbor Gerald Martin. The authorities find no evidence of the crime. There's nothing they can do. So he's going to confront Mr. Martin himself. And this is just the beginning of the terrifying story… From the author of PRESSURE and MY PRETTIES comes a nerve-wracking coming-of-age thriller. Reader reviews for AUTUMN BLEEDS INTO WINTER: 'Screw this guy, seriously. How does he consistently put out book after book of awesomeness?' 'Perfectly paced, with so many anxious moments and heart pounding twists. Also, the usual amount of hilarious lines to help keep your blood pressure from redlining. Highly recommended!' 'I don’t know how he does it. I really don’t. But somehow, Jeff Strand seemingly effortlessly produces these amazingly varied, brilliantly executed, poignant, scary as hell books.' 'The perfect blend of humor and suspense.' 'A coming-of-age tale that would make Stephen King jealous.' 'This is one of the best coming of age stories that I have read in years.' 'Great read, absolutely packed with intensity. It just ramps up and up until the end.' 'The pacing, humor and strong characters are classic Strand.'
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