Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2019
9 hours 16 minutes
'Tell me a secret,' I ask.

'I'm falling for you.'

Austin Sexton is a bad-boy media mogul and heir to the Sexton Empire. On the outside, he's a whiskey-slinging bachelor with the world on a string. Problem is, strings break easily.

Deep within lies a war hero who refuses accolades. He buries his pain with his vices, and against my better judgment, I've become one of them.

No matter how hard I try to push him away, his secrets draw me in. This man, who appears careless, has passion. If I were looking for someone in my life, I could see myself falling for a guy like him.

Good thing love is the last thing I'm looking for.

Contains mature themes.
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Alex Kydd is the worst narrator ever! If you speed up the story it helps a lot!

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Ashante Williams

Really liked this book. Loved the banter between characters and the racing element. Really well told and narrated.

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Gotta love an evil stepmom. will look forward to the next one.

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Michele L.

Enjoyable listen. The storyline was intriguing, fresh .... the family dynamic was good. I loved to hate the stepmom, Missy! Looking forward to book #2 .... can the Sexton brothers outwit the elder Sexton and the snooty wife and save the family business? Ooh, the suspense of it all!

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Jocelyne G.

I have previously read this story and loved it. This story is beautifully co-written by Lauren Runow and Jeannine Colette. I like the background story about illegal street racing. It's very interesting and thrilling. Jalynn and Austin are great together and they share a strong chemistry. The ending is beautiful, but also really intriguing! This was my first listen to Amelie Griffin and Alex Kydd's voices. They both have a great voice, easy to understand, and they did a great job with the narration. I enjoyed my listening. Now, I can't wait to listen to the next book in the Series, Bryce's story!

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Nickiann H.

Medically discharged from the military, Austin Sexton needs a vice to get through his day. Besides drinking he uses speed and unsanctioned racing to make it through his day. When a chance encounter with a mystery woman knocks Austin on his ass, can he finally find something to replace his need to speed? Or will his responsibility to help run Sexton Media and the fact that Jalynn is his brother's assistant stop the relationship in it's tracks? I absolutely love this family. Secrets are revealed and emotions are high. I was locked in from the opening chapter and I cannot wait to read more in the series.

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