Assemble Artifacts Short Story Magazine: Summer 2022 (Issue #2): Short Stories

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
7 hours 35 minutes
Assemble Artifacts

A short story magazine that assembles a thrilling new mix of stories from genres including horror, science-fiction, comedy, and suspense. Buried at the heart of every story in the magazine is a unique artifact, an object that has inspired our storytellers to create a big idea, an irresistible question, a new immersive world, or a sense of wonder. Unearth your next great read with Assemble Artifacts.

“The Family Proof” by Arianna Reiche

Human-like androids on a mission to assimilate into suburbia as a nuclear family are placed in a high stakes game of murder and deception when their anonymous creator vanishes.

“First Ship” by Eric Lewis

An astronaut sure of her destiny to be the first person to reach a new star system realizes she’s about to be beaten to the history books and takes desperate measures to get there first.

“Love, Happiness, and All the Things You May Not Be Destined For” by Lindz McLeod

A young woman meets with older and younger versions of herself in which they guide her, with astronomical ramifications, towards an unfamiliar path.

“Prism” by Nick Shafir

A newly discovered phenomenon causes ghosts to be seen all over the world. As the events grow more frequent and precarious, a woman with the special ability to speak to the apparitions must find out what’s causing these events before it’s too late.

“End of the Earth” by Brianna R. Whitrock

Tired of putting her faith in science and logic, Nic goes on a fantastical odyssey to the ends of the Earth to reunite with the adventurous love of her life.

“Mephisto & Me” by Lyle Stiles

After a police officer murders his father, a high school junior deals with trauma and resentment—and the sudden appearance of Mephisto, a mouthy demon-possessed robot who promises a skewed version of justice … World-ending Armageddon.
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