Assemble Artifacts Short Story Magazine: Fall 2023 (Issue #5)

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
8 hours 26 minutes
Assemble Artifacts

A short story magazine that assembles a thrilling new mix of stories from genres including horror, science-fiction, comedy, and suspense. Buried at the heart of every story in the magazine is a unique artifact, an object that has inspired our storytellers to create a big idea, an irresistible question, a new immersive world, or a sense of wonder. Unearth your next great read with Assemble Artifacts.

“The Faithful” by Nick KolakowskiHoping to flip an aging house and fund their dream home, a couple faces more than renovation challenges. Outside, faithful fans of a decades-old horror film lay siege, while inside, buried secrets threaten to turn their dream into a true renovation nightmare.

“The Muse” by Lindz McLeodSeduced by stardom, a struggling actress lands her dream role but falls prey to the star of the film’s dark mentorship. Soon, her coveted big break spirals into a nightmarish reality, threatening to devour her.

“Blanks” by Jason PinterA year after the residents of Bailey’s Island lose their memories, they mysteriously resurface. But as they grapple with their returned memories under a watchful organization, one woman’s unsettling discovery sparks a desperate search for the truth.

“Malevolent Mindy” by Elizabeth DavisA play-by-the-rules lawyer, fed up with life’s injustices, is endowed with the devil’s powers to serve cosmic justice but soon discovers her newfound abilities might not be worth the price of her heart and soul.

“Walled In” by Clara MadriganoWhen a struggling writer finds an arcane puzzle, her mundane world spirals into a series of malevolent labyrinths. Now, ensnared in a realm of her darkest fears, she must confront them head-on or be consumed by them.
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