Assemble Artifacts Short Story Magazine: Fall 2022 (Issue #3)

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
5 hours 46 minutes
Assemble Artifacts

A short story magazine that assembles a thrilling new mix of stories from genres including horror, science-fiction, comedy, and suspense. Buried at the heart of every story in the magazine is a unique artifact, an object that has inspired our storytellers to create a big idea, an irresistible question, a new immersive world, or a sense of wonder. Unearth your next great read with Assemble Artifacts.

“Losing Time” by Sydney Paige GuerreroIt’s all too good to be true when a woman receives a Filipino anting-anting charm that allows her to re-do moments she regrets and fixates on correcting her mistakes with the love of her life.

“Support Group for the Formerly Possessed” by J. Preston WittA support group for the formerly possessed must put their trauma aside to band together and face a demon that threatens to undo their years of therapy.

“Stuck with You” by Elizabeth DavisOn the brink of divorce, a couple finds themselves magically stuck together, forcing them closer than they have been in years.

“Killer Queen” by Lindz McLeodAfter failing at love, a man partakes in a program to build his dream partner. Only she’s too perfect, so he turns his attention to “normal” women, with unexpected consequences.”

“Sundowning” by Matt MarinovichWhen a passing comet elicits bizarre behavior among the residents of a nursing home, a down-on-her-luck woman realizes this is not the job she was looking for …

“Intellectual Property” by Whit BraytonBegging the question, do we truly own our identity? An investigator finds himself on the trail of a reclusive genius who has created sentient replicas of the world’s most famous actress.
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