The Aspects: A LitRPG Cultivation Saga

Written by:
Ivan Kal
Narrated by:
Phil Thron

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
36 hours 36 minutes
Hastur is dead.

But his armies and generals remain.

While the factions struggle to recover from the chaos in the wake of Hastur's influence on the world, the Sects gather in hope of defeating the threat once and for all.

In the fires of struggle and war legends are born, and secrets of the Aspects revealed.
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Worth the wait! Good world building, amazing fights!

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Zachary D.

Absolutely love the series incredible story telling as well as character and world depth. And Phil brings it to life :)

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Troy R.

the Twilight Melody sect will finally get some respect after this book. Excellent addition to the series although I am gettin pretty sick of Cale and his group of idiots. To me they detract from the story, but not enough to make me drop its rating. I love everything else about the books

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Zachary M.

superb addition to the series. Whoever rated It lower obviously has not read the previous books. It's 5 stars

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Mike B.

Fantastic series can’t wait for the next one hope it goes to 10 or 20 books love the characters an story

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