Ascent into Hell

Written by:
Fergus White
Narrated by:
Roger Clark

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2019
13 hours 26 minutes
There is but one aim: the summit, the summit of Mount Everest.

What starts with a trouble-free trek into the Nepalese highlands explodes into a gripping tale of hardship, peril, and adversity. Pushed beyond their physical and mental limits, climbers drop by the wayside. Their primal instincts for survival battle with their dogged resolve to drag themselves to the top of the world. But the focus remains: battle to the summit, and if successful, somehow get back down again.

White plunges the listener into a land of subzero temperatures, asphyxiating air, and ever increasing danger. Base Camp and the Himalayan world above it come to life in this riveting, true novel. The inner workings of an Everest expedition team and what it takes to climb the world's highest mountain are laid bare. Some return from the death zone injured. Some do not return at all.

Success and failure vie for supremacy throughout.

This personal, day-by-day chronicle takes the listener along every step of an Everest climb. A must for climbing enthusiasts, lovers of adventure, and extreme sport junkies; the closing chapters will leave you breathless.
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Laurie O.

It was one of the most interesting mountaineering books I have read! A very honest account of what it is like to climb Everest on a guided trip for someone who is fairly new to mountaineering! Very well told and the author seemed very honest which was refreshing!

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Shane A.

what an adventure!!!

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Felt like I was there!

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