As Sure As the Dawn

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2009
20 hours 17 minutes
Following A Voice in the Wind and An Echo in the Darkness, As Sure as the Dawn continues the chronilcles of Hadassah, a Christian slave woman living during the height of the Roman Empire.
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Lavaughn B

Love this book and the entire series! I kept thinking of the characters when the series was over and wondering about them as if I knew them personally. I wish the series would be adapted into a movie.

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Tandy J

This series was very good. This title is my favorite of the 3 books. Ms Rivers did an excellent job. Her best work hands down!!

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Connie B.

wonderful series. Highly recommend to everyone. So happy I tripped upon this author.

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I enjoyed book 3 a little less than 1 and 2. but what I really really disliked, and found pretty off-putting was the sound of the narrator saliva, like he has hard candy in his mouth while reading. this was not a problem with the first 2 books but its very noticeable. not sure what happened there.

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I loved the series but this book was slow and too drawn out. Good read if you make the time

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Mary S.

Wonderful and very inspirational! Loved the story and the message.

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I enjoyed the entire series and the narration was good.

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Shelly M.

This was a great end to the trilogy!

Stunning account of the Roman Empire! The character development was rich and detailed in such a manner that I found myself lost with fascination in another time! Richard Ferrone is one of my favorite narrators and amazes me at how he is able to create effectively all the various voices, male and female. I will look forward to the other books in the Mark of The Lion series. E. Longmire

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Cheryl S.

Read this series nearly 30 years ago and it still thrills me and challenges me just as much today. The timing of this listen was perfect as it helped encourage me through a personal challenge of faith that I was going through. So glad I chose to listen through this series and hear the stories that I read so long ago.

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Lindie F.

I couldn’t stop I love these boojs

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Bolanle O.

Wow! Can't put this down for one second. What a beautiful book.

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Crystal S

I love these books, the whole series! Francine rivers has a way of letting the best come out in almost all her characters!

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Carol H

Fantastic book! I love Francine Rivers books and how she brings Gods love out to all people!!

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Elysia Bergfalk

Love this series. By far my all time favorite and I loved hunger games and Enclave. Liked divergent. This is a great series for teen girls!

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jane morris

I loved it!

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