Arthur visits the Zoo

Arthur visits the Zoo

Written by:
Gene Lipen
Narrated by:
Trista Shaye
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
0 hours 10 minutes
He’s bounding off for a day of amazing discoveries. What weird and wonderful animals will he see?

Arthur the daring dog can’t wait for another cool adventure. With floppy ears all perked up, he’s on his way to explore the zoo. And he’ll have to plan his time well if he’s going to visit every single massive mammal and bashful bird!

As he runs through the wildlife park, Arthur wants to look at everything and be everywhere. And more than anything, he hopes making friends with the enormous elephants and playful penguins will be easy-peasy.

Will Arthur make it through the day without leaving any crazy creature out?

This doggone-exciting tale will entertain you with eye-catching illustrations, ear-pleasing poems, and fact-finding fun to make you smile. Through Arthur’s eyes and easy-to-comprehend information, a trip to the exhibits of monkeys, hippos, and bears will entrance wide-eyed readers young and old.

Arthur Visits the Zoo is the seventh book in the clever Kids Books For Young Explorers series for ages three to nine. If you and your child like cheerful children’s stories, pleasant pictures, and lively learning, then you’ll love Gene Lipen’s romp through nature.

Listen to Arthur Visits the Zoo to go wild today!
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