The Arthur Trilogy Box Set

Written by:
Harper Fox
Narrated by:
Gary Furlong

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2024
13 hours 42 minutes
Three stories by M/M Romance author Harper Fox re-telling the Arthurian legend. We follow Art and Lance from boys to manhood with stories drenched in mystery and magic. This box set contains the tales: 'When First I Met My King', 'The Dragon's Tale', and 'The Greenwood and the Grail'.
Once upon a time, there was a winter that wouldn’t end. And all that’s standing between the people of White Meadows and starvation is a young man called Lance. He’s sixteen years old, and for all his courage and hunting skills, he’s running out of fight. His family has been wiped out in a border raid, and he’s drowning in loneliness. When strangers arrive at White Meadows, all Lance can think of is using his last strength to drive them away. But these men have come in peace, not to burn and destroy. Among them is a hot-headed, utterly charming prince-in-training named Arthur. For Lance, Arthur’s arrival is like the return of the sun. The prince has everything – learning, battle skills, a splendid destiny. But as the days unfold in the remote northern settlement in the shadow of Hadrian’s Wall, it soon becomes clear that Arthur needs Lance, too.
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