Arthur travels Back in Time: Book for kids who love adventure

Arthur travels Back in Time: Book for kids who love adventure

Written by:
Gene Lipen
Narrated by:
Trista Shaye
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2020
0 hours 10 minutes
He’s ready to learn about history. Where can this curious canine go before the clock strikes bedtime?Arthur the fearless dog is ready to take a bite out of the past. He’s got his paws on a time machine, and now there’s no when, where, or why that he can’t go. But spending all this energy pouncing around a tiring timeline might prove tricky for Arthur to get back to his beloved doghouse!

As he visits dinosaurs in the Jurassic Period and goes sightseeing in Ancient Greece, Arthur is panting with excitement for more. But with so much to look at and sleepy-time calling, this time-hopping hound has only so many minutes left to play.

Can Arthur hit all his stops before the seconds run out?

This wonderful adventure will dazzle you with snazzy poems, unique drawings, and fascinating facts to delight your mind. Follow along with your favorite canine as he tail-wags his way through marvels such as the Egyptian pyramids and famous characters of the Age of Piracy.

Arthur travels Back in Time is the fantastic fifth book in the illustrated Kids Books For Young Explorers series for ages three to nine. If you and your child like pint-sized lessons, delightful rhyming riddles, and daring brain-bending escapades, then you’ll love Gene Lipen’s chronological quest.

Buy Arthur travels Back in Time to sniff out amazing historic moments today!
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