Arthur on the Farm

Arthur on the Farm

Written by:
Gene Lipen
Narrated by:
Trista Shaye
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2021
0 hours 9 minutes
He’s eager to learn what it takes to tend the land. Will he plow and dig straight into a grand ole’ time?

Arthur is itching to paw his way around the barn. Fastening up his overalls and putting on his straw hat, he can’t wait to journey to a special site… a farm! Happy as a pig in mud, this frisky pup is bouncing with energy and ready to help out in the farmer’s fields.

Discovering how to milk a cow and collect eggs from chickens, Arthur scouts out all the wonderful ways that make a ranch work. But with so many chores to round up before the day ends, even this hearty hound will have to run at tail-wagging full speed to complete the challenge.

Can he finish his list before it’s time to wolf down a delicious dinner?

Follow this curious canine through rural rhymes, pleasant play, and impressive illustrations that will satisfy your senses. The good times never stop as Arthur sets off for a marvelous experience of finding a magical garden, buzzing behind busy bees, and picking crisp apples.

Arthur on the Farm is the endearing eighth book in the pictorial Kids Books For Young Explorers series for ages three to nine. If you or your child like mini-adventures, poetic experiences, and lighthearted learning, then you’ll love Gene Lipen’s barnyard bash.

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