The Art of Deception: The Complete Series 1 and 2: A BBC Radio 4 crime drama

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
2 hours 18 minutes
All ten episodes of the compelling BBC radio thriller about art forger Daniel Ballantyne and his biographer and nemesis, Jessica Brown

Daniel Ballantyne: monster and angel, thief and conman, genius - and murderer?

Newly released from Wormwood Scrubs, and dying of cancer, notorious art forger Daniel Ballantyne agrees to help art critic Jessica Brown write his biography. But as Jessica digs deeper into his life, she realises that nearly everything he's told her is a lie, and behind his charming persona is a man capable of almost anything.

Trapped in a cat-and-mouse game with a master manipulator, Jessica finds herself putting her reputation - and her life - on the line...

Written by Philip Palmer (Red and Blue, Keeping the Wolf Out), this wickedly enjoyable crime drama stars David Schofield as Daniel Ballantyne, with Indira Varma and Hattie Morahan as Jessica Brown.

NB: Contains strong language and scenes which some listeners may find disturbing

Production credits
Written by Philip Palmer
Produced and directed by Toby Swift
First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 22-26 June 2009 (Series 1), 20-24 December 2010 (Series 2)

Daniel Ballantyne - David Schofield
Jessica Brown - Indira Varma/Hattie Morahan
Ben - Matt Addis
Andrew Jarrold - Jonathan Keeble/Harry Myers
Claire de Vere - Belinda Lang
DI Grimwood/Art dealer - John Biggins
Stavros Persakis - Malcolm Tierney
Museum curator - Philip Fox
DS Ruckley/Taxi driver - Benjamin Askew
Moisha Perez/Stefan Hunt - Stephen Greif
Lisa - Pandora Colin
DC Morgan - Sally Orrock
Gondolier/Waiter - Iain Batchelor
Other parts played by Kenneth Collard and Jude Akuwudike

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