The Apostle Paul: Christianity's Original Mystic

Written by:
Harvey Egan
Narrated by:
Harvey Egan

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2020
6 hours 3 minutes
Join bestselling author and mysticism expert Fr. Harvey Egan for an in-depth look at the mysticism of the Apostle Paul
In this masterful audio series from Boston College theology professor Harvey Egan, S.J., you'll focus on an often neglected aspect of Paul's genius-his mysticism. A mentee of Karl Rahner, Fr. Egan brings to this course the knowledge gained from a phenomenal sixty years of Jesuit spirituality and philosophical-theological studies. One of the world's leading experts on Christian mysticism, he is the perfect guide for this course.
You'll learn why Paul has been called-exaggeratedly-the second founder of Christianity. Fr. Egan explains why it might be more fitting to see him as the originator, or the real first exponent, of Christian theology. He, in fact, views Paul as a second Jesus. Just as Jesus interpreted the scriptures concerning himself for the Emmaus disciples, Paul reinterpreted-in the light of Christ-the Jewish Scriptures in terms of Jesus-Messiah and the Holy Spirit.
You'll explore Paul's transformation on the Damascus Road, seeing that he clearly possessed a consciousness of the immediate presence of the triune God in Christ. An early use of the word mystical focused on finding Christ's presence in the Jewish scriptures, something Paul clearly did.
Learn the power of Paul's mysticism and be filled with awe with Fr. Egan today.

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