Apex Mountain Shifters Box Set Two, Books 4-6

Written by:
P. Jameson
Narrated by:
Christian Stark

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2023
7 hours 56 minutes
For these wolf shifters, mating isn't just for pleasure or even for love.

It's for survival.

When their enemies learn that the full moon weakens them enough to be easily killed, the entire wolf pack is threatened. Only one thing can keep them strong through the moonsong: a bonded mate.

Now the race is on to find perfectly matched females for this band of rough and rowdy wolves.

This box set collection contains books 4-6 of P. Jameson's bestselling Apex Mountain Shifters series: Love at First Howl, Dane and Shanti's story; Going Straight to Howl, Fabian and Grace's story; and Howl We Were, Ansen and Winona's story.

Contains mature themes.
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