Apex Mountain Shifters Box Set One, Books 1-3

Written by:
P. Jameson
Narrated by:
Christian Stark

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
6 hours 39 minutes
This box set collection contains Books 1-3 of P. Jameson's bestselling Apex Mountain Shifters series!

Howl It's Done: Quincy's inability to speak clearly has made him an outcast. So when the matchmaker chooses him for the first of the female candidates, no one is more surprised. With his flaw, he never thought he'd be worthy of a mate. But now is his chance to show Amber that he was created to treasure-and pleasure-only her.

Howl To Love: Kole has problems. Ones he thought could be solved by finding a mate with some experience, who could satisfy his urges. When the matchmaker chooses a delicate human female who's never been touched, he doubts she will be able to understand him. But Aria is a breath of fresh air. Now is his chance to show Aria he can be the man she deserves: someone who cherishes her body-and soul.

Kiss & Howl: Hank found his mate once, but after too much tequila he convinced himself it was his imagination. Until she shows up with his enemy during the full moon. It stings to be betrayed by his mate. Hank knows he was born to show her what true love is. If it takes using his body to convince her to be his forever-that's what he'll do.

Contains mature themes.
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