Another Charge: A Wildcatters Hockey Book

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
5 hours 45 minutes
USA Today bestseller Alexa Padgett's captivating single dad turned hockey coach and spirited nanny threaten to set the ice ablaze, proving that sometimes, the riskiest power play of all is falling head over ice skates . . .

Having poured my heart into caring for my previous charges, bidding them farewell left an indelible ache that I couldn't bear to repeat. The idea of restarting as a nanny didn't excite me in the least . . . until I crossed paths with Beatrix, a frightened and angry little girl who tugged at my heartstrings.

Determined to help this vulnerable child who craves affection, I find myself drawn to her uncle, the irresistible Silas. His magnetic eyes, capable of holding me captive, promise to fulfill the dreams I've long held dear.

Silas, scarred by a troubled past, knows next to nothing about raising children or creating a loving home. That's where I step in.

They call me a 'fixer' in the world of hockey. Yet, I question whether I can mend the fractures between uncle and niece. Despite my doubts, the life we could build together beckons me. The catch? Taking a chance on this single dad might land my heart in the penalty box for good . . .

Contains mature themes.
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Joanna B.

A beautiful start to this new series. It’s a delightful contemporary romance with a sports back grounds. You can’t help but fall in love with all these characters. Each has their own struggles but come with a heart of gold. It’s a beautifully written story about heartache, life’s changes and finding balance! You will find yourself rooting for the home team and celebrating all their wins! The narrators did a great job with this story. The emotions were portrayed well and you could really feel so many moments of this listen.

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