The Andromeda Mission

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2022
5 hours 25 minutes
Adam has faced challenges before . . . but nothing like the invaders from Andromeda.

Adam and his crew are faced with the ultimate challenge: To save the Milky Way Galaxy from the Nuorean invaders. But this time their backup will be two-and-a-half MILLION light-years away.

They knew this could be a one-way trip, but the stakes were too high not to try. Someone had to step up and be the hero, and Adam's eclectic mix of Humans and aliens have been there before. Yet even in victory, they could lose, trapped in a far distant galaxy with no way to get home.

But first things first. Adam Cain and the gang have to cut off the Nuorean's link to the Milky Way before it's too late. They're facing unknown enemies in an unknown galaxy and everything they do is by the seat of their pants. One slip-up could mean catastrophe, not only them, but everyone back home. And if that wasn't enough, Adam's experiencing some unknown physical and mental changes as a result of a mind-meld with the mutant Panur. How this will impact the mission is anyone's guess.

And to top things off, the gladiator-like Nuoreans have plans of their own-plans that involve ripping the planet Earth out of the Milky Way Galaxy . . .
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