Ancient Rising

Written by:
JC De La Torre
Narrated by:
Joe Bevilacqua

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2010
11 hours 15 minutes
Six years after its initial publication, "Ancient Rising" still captures hearts and minds of adventurous readers beginning their trek into the world of the Ancients. With Book I of the "Rise of the Ancients" saga, JC De La Torre puts together a fast paced adventure of a lifetime. Now, award winning radio theater artist Joe Bevilacqua breathes new life into the characters that make "Ancient Rising" one of the most exciting tales out there. Bevilacqua introduces you to the Bevo 3D Audiobook experience, designed to completely immerse you into the story. He weeps when the main character Dan Ryan loses someone close to him. He cries out when Ryan exclaims in pain. He becomes Ryan, Doc Constant, Mina, Hermes, and all of the colorful characters. JC De La Torre takes you on a breathless search for the lost continent of Atlantis and Bevilacqua delivers each and every action packed moment. From the debut of the Greek God Hermes, to the pits of Hades and the rise of Atlantis ' "Ancient Rising" puts you on course for action packed fun.
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