Ancestral Journeys: The Peopling of Europe from the First Venturers to the Vikings (Revised and Updated Edition)

Written by:
Jean Manco
Narrated by:
Corrie James

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2020
10 hours 16 minutes
Who are the Europeans? Where did they come from? New research in the fields of archaeology and linguistics, a revolution in the study of genetics, and cutting-edge analysis of ancient DNA are dramatically changing our picture of prehistory, leading us to question what we thought we knew about these ancient peoples.

This paradigm-shifting book paints a spirited portrait of a restless people that challenges our established ways of looking at Europe's past. The story is more complex than at first believed, with new evidence suggesting that the European gene pool was stirred vigorously multiple times. Genetic clues are also enhancing our understanding of European mobility in epochs with written records, including the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons, the spread of the Slavs, and the adventures of the Vikings.

Now brought completely up to date with all the latest findings from the fast-moving fields of genetics, DNA, and dating, Jean Manco's highly accessible account weaves multiple strands of evidence into a startling new history of the continent, of interest to anyone who wants to truly understand Europeans' place in the ancient world.
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Dale S.

I found this book fascinating because it detailed the nomadic nature of Europeans and shed light on pre-history like never before. We read about the ancient Greeks and Romans and get the false impression that Europe was settled by 400BC. Everyone was in their places. “And to the North there were Gauls” as it were. This book changes that perspective and reminds us that Europe is an appendage off Asia and migration and conquest was happening later than we think. If you love reading about the ancients, pick this one up to help understand what was going on around those civilisations.

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