Amish Rose: Amish Romance Novel

Amish Rose: Amish Romance Novel

Written by:
Samantha Price
Narrated by:
Cecily White
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
5 hours 6 minutes
'You've got one year to find a husband. If you haven't found one by then, I'll find one for you!'

Rose wasn't shocked by her mother's announcement. Since Rose's two older brothers had married, her mother had become obsessed with weddings.

Rose wasn't against marriage; she just hadn't met the man of her dreams yet. She'd know him when she saw him. He'd be tall with broad shoulders, and he'd have dark coloring to complement her pale skin and fair, red hair. 

 It would be love at first sight.

When Jacob comes to town, Rose sees him and knows he's the one!

Her hunch is confirmed when they spend every spare moment together. 

When Rose learns some scandalous news about Jacob, she is devastated and turns to her close friend, Mark.

Mark isn't much to look at, and he's only a shade taller than she, but Mark is a man who would never let her down.

Is her good friend Mark the one she should be with, or should she give Jacob another chance?

Should Rose risk trying to make something more out of Mark's friendship, or will she be risking her heart only to be disappointed again?
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