The Amish Marriage Pact: Amish Romance

The Amish Marriage Pact: Amish Romance

Written by:
Samantha Price
Narrated by:
Susanna Coleman
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
3 hours 34 minutes
In a community bound by tradition, Kate's heart is torn apart by love and betrayal...

As feelings blossom between Kate and Michael, her family's indiscretions threaten to wilt their budding romance.

Kate can't fault Michael for stepping away, but why did he have to turn to her closest friend, leaving behind the very essence of their Amish life? With bitterness taking root in her heart and trust all but gone, the appearance of a charming Amish suitor seems like a beacon of hope.

Can Kate give love another chance, or will the echoes of a promise made long ago continue to haunt her heart?
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