Amish Bonnet Sisters Box Set Volume 13: (Books 37-39) Her Amish Wish, Amish Harvest Time, Whispers of Change

Amish Bonnet Sisters Box Set Volume 13: (Books 37-39) Her Amish Wish, Amish Harvest Time, Whispers of Change

Written by:
Samantha Price
Narrated by:
Stephanie Dillard
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
12 hours 45 minutes
This box set contains books 37 - 39.

Her Amish Wish - The Baker/Bruner family looks forward to a new beginning with newborn babies and blossoming relationships. Florence has added another baby to her family and couldn't be happier. Wilma, Ada, and their friends diligently prepare for Debbie's special day when an unwelcome visitor arrives. Meanwhile, Matthew tries to figure out what he has done wrong in his interactions with women. He makes a bold move to win back a lost love. Will it pay off?

Amish Harvest Time - As the orchard overflows with ripe fruit, Ada's creative spark ignites an extraordinary idea: an apple pie contest to unite the community and support a worthy cause. Amidst the rolling dough flurry and warm spices aroma, a surprise visitor arrives, setting female hearts aflutter. As secrets unravel and new connections form, this captivating family saga explores love, faith, and the enduring bonds that hold a family together. Experience a heartwarming journey with the Baker/Bruner extended family, where the sweetness of apple pies mingles with the warmth of cherished memories.

Whispers of Change - All the Baker girls are home to help with Debbie's wedding. But the reunion isn't just about the wedding preparations. Old memories resurface, unresolved feelings stir, and the tight-knit bond of the Baker sisters is tested as never before. In this 39th installment of this Amish family saga, discover the power of love as the Baker/Bruner blended family navigates the intricate balance of faith and togetherness. Will the promise of Debbie's wedding bring them closer or unveil divides that have long been hidden?

If you haven't started The Amish Bonnet Sisters series yet, it's best to start at the beginning with book 1, Amish Mercy.
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