Alabama Moon

Written by:
Watt Key
Narrated by:
Nick Landrum

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2008
8 hours 39 minutes
Ten-year-old Moon has lived in an Alabama forest with his Pap ever since he can remember. Pap, a Vietnam vet, taught Moon how to survive-and how to keep away from the government. On his deathbed, Pap tells Moon that he must flee to Alaska to find others like them and continue to live free, without government restrictions. Soon though, a well-meaning acquaintance turns Moon over to the local boys' home. Moon is determined to keep the promise he made to his father, so with Hal and Kit, the first friends he's ever had, he sets off for Alaska. But Moon learns the hard way that you need to trust sometimes-and maybe Pap wasn't right to distrust everyone and everything. Watt Key, a native Alabaman, makes a stunning debut with this novel. 'A winningly fresh look at life and culture almost never seen in children's books.'-The Horn Book Magazine 'Key writes honestly about hunting, trapping and the hardships of survival in this rather unusual coming-of-age story.'-Kirkus Reviews 'Well written with a flowing style, plenty of dialogue, and lots of action. The characters are well-drawn and three-dimensional ...'-School Library Journal
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Great book and narrator has great expressions for different moods and people?

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