The Agreement

Written by:
Jacqueline Ward
Narrated by:
Helen Day

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
8 hours 28 minutes
Kate and Jake agreed when they got married that they would always give each other space. But lately, Jake seems to want a lot more space than Kate’s comfortable with. He’s growing more distant with every day. In an angry attempt to figure out why, she doesn’t take the turn for their road on the way home from work. She keeps on driving and takes a room at a local hotel to conduct a bit of spying—and discovers some worrisome information. But when she returns home to confront him, Jake isn’t just emotionally distant—he’s gone, along with all his things. All that remains is a lone laptop with a map of everywhere she has been over the past days and a timer that is ticking down... Kate turns to the police, who just think she’s been dumped. Then comes an anonymous threat and a demand for money. Nothing seems to make sense. Will she ever get her husband back? And does she even want to?
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