Age of Swords

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2017
20 hours 5 minutes
The gods are proven mortal and men now hold the art of magic in Book Two of the epic fantasy series that began in Age of Myth. Age of Swords continues the epic story of the war between humankind and the elves-and of ordinary people becoming legendary heroes. It introduces a set of new characters: the dwarves, whose magical weapon-craft could decide the war. It's up to our heroes to win over the dwarves to the side of humankind.or else lose the war forever.
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Great book with a great narration that elevate the expirience to another level. I really enjoyed it. I'm hooked to the series now so I'm off to binge-listen to the rest, bye :D

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good way to build on the story. I believe it does it does it's Jobe well as another installment into the series to build on growing concepts and character development.

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Enjoyed the first book, this one is painfully bad, why the author thought giving more page time to boring side characters like rone or bryn, than to characters that carried the first book like rafe and Malcolm is beyond me, felt like a total bait and switch to be honest

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Jason B.

Amazing narration, as always. A little over-the-top with the “girls rule, boys drool” shtick that ultimately detracted from what would otherwise be a solid prequel.

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Not my cup of tea!!!!

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Julia K.

I really enjoy this story, but was very disappointed about what happened to Mina. So far it is my favorite series anyway! Great narrator!

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Byron A.

Not to sound like the bad guy or anything but I think this book is way to feminist. I would have enjoyed the book way more if it made Raith the main character but instead it makes Persephone the main character and makes it sound that women are better than guys in most ways. I’m not completely against feminist but when it literally tells you that a group of women are braver and stronger than any man you met when it shows in the book that the men are doing more, That’s where I draw the line. Just because the men weren’t there to fight a monster doesn’t mean that now women are stronger than men

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Youri Z.

Wow I picked up this series pretty randomly while looking for new fantasy and this series does not disappoint. The plot is interesting, worldbuilding interesting to discover and to top it all off the narration is superb I definitely recommend to any fantasy fan out there

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Sullivan is an amazing writer. Once again I'm left thirsting for more when the book is done. Also if you're looking for strong female characters that have substance, are badass, not a cliché Amazonian warriors, still feminine, not hyper sexualized eyecandy, and hella cool then you'd like this book

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Dale T.


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Michael E.

Pleased to say that while I still am not a huge fan of the antagonists in this series this book keeps a steady rhythm compared to the first and is even more enjoyable.

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Chasi D.

Out of all 4 books in the series that I've read so far, this one is my favorite.

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