Afterwork: An honest discussion about the retirement lie and how to live a future worthy of dreams

Written by:
Alex Lippert , Joel Malick
Narrated by:
Adam Verner

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
4 hours 34 minutes
Retirement. Downsizing. Selling your business. Children leaving the nest. Layoffs. A major health event. Losing a loved one. Important life transitions remind us of what once “was,” leaving large gaps of free time and less to look forward to in the future. Afterwork acknowledges these tectonic shifts and offers revealing insights, powerful disciplines, and practical applications to help you step forward into a new and remarkably fulfilling season―regardless of how you’ve defined “work.”

Afterwork is a healthy and hopeful approach to retirement, and it may be different than the conventional wisdom you’ve been sold. It’s an honest discussion about the retirement lie we’ve bought into: A self-focused, uber-comfortable, and vacation-minded retirement is what we want. But such thinking is a down payment toward purposelessness. The truth is that you’re more than the assets in your retirement account; you’re a person with incredible talent and value, and you’re more resourced than ever to leave your mark on the world!

Practical, trustworthy, encouraging, and accessible, Afterwork explores 10 key disciplines that will steer you away from the destiny of disillusionment and open you to a life filled with confidence, joy, and peace: Purpose, Calendar, Movement, Journaling, Faith, Connection, Learning, Awareness, Generosity, and Awe. Most retirement resources tell us, “You’ve earned this; now here’s how to make life all about you.” Afterwork reveals the fallacy of viewing the coming years as nothing more than cashing in on the money you’ve squirreled away, hoping it doesn’t run out before you die. Instead, experience greater satisfaction by living with an outward focus that can help you escape the retirement lie.
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