Afterlife Revolution

Narrated by:
Whitley Strieber

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2017
8 hours 34 minutes
Can a loving relationship survive death? The Afterlife Revolution triumphantly says that it can.

After a near-death experience in 2004, Anne Strieber became an expert in afterlife studies and created an ingenious plan of contact which, to Whitley's amazement, she proceeded to carry out, starting just an hour and a half after she died.

As verified by famed afterlife researcher Dr. Gary Schwartz, who wrote the foreword, the Afterlife Revolution is among the most convincing stories of afterlife communication ever told, and is a ringing endorsement not only of the fact that we do not die, but also that the power of love can create an actual bridge between the physical and nonphysical worlds.

The book points the way to a new relationship between the living and, as Anne puts it, what you call the dead. Anne tells of her experience on the other side, saying that we are light, alive, and that enlightenment is what comes when there is nothing left of us but love. Her descriptions of the afterlife are brilliantly articulate and nuanced, at once deeply familiar and uniquely her own.

The Afterlife Revolution shows how to use basic tools such as what Anne describes as "objective love" combined with a simple but special form of meditation to build a relationship between physical and nonphysical worlds. It is intended to help us find that sweet point at which the souls of the living touch those of the dead. As Anne says, Mankind is divided, not so much between the sexes as between the living and what are called the dead. It isnt natural and it isnt necessary. We can become whole.
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