The Adventures of Pinocchio (Version 2)

Written by:
Carlo Collodi
Narrated by:
Mark F. Smith

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2016
4 hours 42 minutes
Do today's children still learn what a "marionette" is? The beloved story of Pinocchio may represent a last lingering picture of a world not dominated by plastic or electronic toys. Pinocchio is a puppet made from a piece of wood that curiously could talk even before being carved.

A wooden-head he starts and a wooden-head he stays - until after years of misadventures caused by his laziness and failure to keep promises he finally learns to care about his family - and then he becomes a real boy. For those who have seen the Disney movie the cast of characters will be familiar, from the Talking Cricket (who acts as his conscience) to Lamp-Wick, his partner in truancy and having heedless fun.

Though the toys of today are far from the puppet shows in Carlo Collodi's book, his themes of being truthful, thoughtful, and dependable will always be timely. (Summary by Mark)
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The Adventures of Pinocchio is extraordinary. I chose it because the narrator had a good review and I was fed up with stories being spoiled by questionable readers. I like quirky, I’m fine with bland, But I hate poor recording quality (beginning of Anne of Green Gables) or impenetrable accents (one or two chapters of Madame Bovary). Mark Smith of Simpsonville South Carolina is without doubt an performance artist. Great sound levels. His reading is consistent and believable. He does characters! They are great and hilarious! This is a great dark uncanny psychological story (not considered suitable for kids in this day and age but....?) delivered by a great human being who clearly understands everything he is telling you about. he has a great voice. Thank you Mark Smith.

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Chris S.

entertaing read well read.

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Wonderful story, wonderfully narrated by Mark F. Smith. My kids and I enjoyed and learnt from every minute of the story telling

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Rosemary C.

Enjoyed it very much. The narrator was awesome.

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Eric C.

A lovely short moral story with a valuable lessons. It was an excellent free title, though the repetitive chapter information can be deleted to make it a smoother listening experience.

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very nice and exciting

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The narrator was amazing I lose interest easily and I wasn’t once with this

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Short chapters, each introduced by a lengthy introduction of reader's name, Audiobooks information, title, etc. Too bad. It's a good story.

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