The Adventure of Sustainable Performance: Beyond ESG Compliance to Leadership in the New Era

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2023
8 hours 4 minutes
A guidebook for leaders to create value from sustainability and organizational performance.

In The Adventure of Sustainable Performance, the authors share their many years of experience serving clients and driving performance as the world transitions to a net zero carbon future. A future that uses resources sustainably and that seeks social justice. Through storytelling and interviews from many international leaders in business and sustainability, and by anchoring practical advice with evidence and truth, you will find: the avalanche of new regulations and changes to the compliance landscape; the opportunity for value creation beyond compliance box ticking; inspirational stories on how ambitions can be reset; a destination that supports ongoing prosperity for humanity from sustainable performance models; how purpose driven brands generate superior value; the role of 'Total Value Systems' as we move from shareholder to stakeholder capitalism models; the relationship between sustainability, talent, and customer attraction; and how digital will play an increasingly important role as the world pivots in response to the climate crisis.

Perfect for executives, managers, directors, and other business leaders, The Adventure of Sustainable Performance is an actionable guidebook for the implementation of value-add sustainability programs.
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