Advanced Wicca

Written by:
Centre of Excellence
Narrated by:
Jane Branch

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2017
5 hours 43 minutes
This audio book takes you further into the theories and history of Wiccan practices, in particular, the use of spells and your understanding of them. You'll discover more about how spells come together and how to increase the potency of their effects.

From listening to Advanced Wicca you'll progress in your practice exponentially. It goes into further detail about creating and working within your sacred space, understanding the energies that you work with, and how to harness the power of the elements and the moon in your spells.

Discover advanced love spells and how to tap into your magnetic force and condition your aura so that you radiate love and draw people to you. You'll discover how to use your Wiccan practice to strengthen your relationships. You'll also explore sex magic and how to utilise this powerful, raw energy in your spells.

Money spells are covered in detail, with explanations of the law of attraction and specific spells crafted to help you gain riches and increase prosperity.
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Denise B.

The narration is magnificent! The information is correct and well placed in the beginner to well trained practioner. In practicing Magick you will continually discover new sign waves of energies, lessons, observations, and becoming more. If it is time for you to expand your horizons, this volume can help you achieve this. You must be busy capable of approaching it with an open mind and heart. Learn to hear with the heart, your Higher Self is closer than you think. Enjoy your Becoming. Blessed Be

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Debra P.

Being a practitioner of the craft for 40 years, I found the book to be accurate in rituals and spells I will use this book as a reference guide for some spells in the future.

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