1921: A Novel of the Irish Century

Written by:
Morgan Llywelyn
Narrated by:
Mil Nicholson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2021
18 hours 37 minutes
The struggle of the Irish people for independence is one of the epic tales of the twentieth century. Morgan Llywelyn has chosen it as the subject of her major work, The Irish Century, a multi-novel chronicle that began with 1916, and now continues in 1921, both a story and a history.

The two big historical names in 1921 are Eamon de Valera and Michael Collins, both famous, mysterious, and familiar Irish figures.

The year 1921 is the year of the Irish Civil War and the year of the separation of Ireland into two nations, south and north. The central character is Henry Mooney, a journalist (based upon the author's grandfather), who struggles for truth in his reporting during the terrible conflict, and falls in love with an Englishwoman in Ireland in the midst of political and military horrors.
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Dale S.

Very well put together novel. Part 2 of the series. She does well to make the complexities of the Irish civil war understandable on the personal level. Her links to the first novel are well-done. Exploring Henry’s life was a great choice.

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