142 Ostriches

Written by:
April Davila

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2020
8 hours 58 minutes
Set against the unexpected splendor of an ostrich ranch in the California desert, April Dávila's beautifully written debut conjures an absorbing and compelling heroine in a story of courage, family, and forgiveness.

When Tallulah Jones was thirteen, her grandmother plucked her from the dank Oakland apartment she shared with her unreliable mom and brought her to the family ostrich ranch in the Mojave Desert. After eleven years caring for the curious, graceful birds, Tallulah accepts a job in Montana and prepares to leave home. But when Grandma Helen dies under strange circumstances, Tallulah inherits everything-just days before the birds inexplicably stop laying eggs.

Guarding the secret of the suddenly barren birds, Tallulah endeavors to force through a sale of the ranch, a task that is complicated by the arrival of her extended family. Their designs on the property, and deeply rooted dysfunction, threaten Tallulah's ambitions and eventually her life. With no options left, Tallulah must pull her head out of the sand and face the fifty-year legacy of a family in turmoil: the reality of her grandmother's death, her mother's alcoholism, her uncle's covetous anger, and the 142 ostriches whose lives are in her hands.
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It was good,

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Interesting and kept me wanting to keep reading!

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Pastor Bob

A good read. but at times the story line got a little contrived.

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Slow mover. Or possibly the uninteresting narrator contributed to that. No exciting parts.

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Loved this book!

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Cyn K.

Not great. I find that I can forgive a book that is slow if it is lyrical and I can forgive a book that is light on plot if there is depth of character, but this book is thin on all of the above. Plot is probably its strength, but I struggled with staying engaged. The narrator sounded as if she was reading in a dramatic whisper and that wore on me too.

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